Hobby or Career: the age of the vlog

In this ever-growing digital age, new professions based around technology are constantly being created... then criticised. With the internet just a β€˜tap’ away, it's becoming progressively easy to create, upload and share your content with the world. This has cascaded into a variety of online careers such as Instagram influencers, social media personalities and YouTubers, … Continue reading Hobby or Career: the age of the vlog


The Outskirts of Beirut

I never knew there were so many hidden gems dotted around the outskirts of Beirut, only a short drive away. Whilst driving towards them, my breath was taken away with the gorgeous panoramic views of the beautiful city; as the terrain is very mountainous, the more you drive, the more of the city you'll see … Continue reading The Outskirts of Beirut

How to plan your Interrailing trip

Just finished your A-Levels, Uni student with an extra long summer, or just felt like an exciting break? Interrailing is the best way to see a variety of European countries on a budget! Budapest, Hungary. Whilst interrailing in 2018 1. Choose the right time to buy your ticketThis might seem unimportant, but Interrail usually uploads … Continue reading How to plan your Interrailing trip